Software P2P (peer to peer) for Mac OS X

May 9, 2023 – 03:24 am


Software P2P (peer to peer) for Mac OS X

As Mac users,we often raises the question of whether there is good software P2P (peer to peer) for Mac OS X,and if you can connect to the same file-sharing networks to a Windows user.

The answer is yes: there is a variety of software and you can download music or audiovisual content seamlessly with the Mac We will detail some software downloads:


uTorrent is our favorite.It is a program that you used may already if you used Windows before.With many options to be able to add feeds to automatically download torrents.utorrent

It has the classic visual aspect of any program downloads all life,with its progress bar,and the possibility of using many columns with all kinds of information.

It is certainly the easiest option and reasonable.


Alternatively,Xtorrent .

  • Integrated search,you need not resort to any torrent page,you can find what you need within the program itself
  • You can navigate within the torrent,you can see the files in each torrent.In fact not see torrents,you'll see folders with files inside,very natural.
  • You can subscribe to an RSS torrentcast.

It would be completely perfect if it were not for payment,so here is the free alternative: Transmission.


Transmission is more like a program to download torrents of lifetime.It has integrated search,but no one can say no downloads using Transmission as they come.Yes,you'll have to resort to the usual sites to find your torrents.

Among its features there are no major things to note,has everything you need but with few options,so do not go crazy,and it works,which is most important.

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It's coming

The other poster is right... you'll be disappointed with the quality of Internet video on an HD TV, but that will get better.
You're going to want a media "hub" with Internet, home network, and video capabilities. I've heard the new Sony PS3 fits the bill, and it also includes Blue Ray DVD, which can play HD movies.
Apple is rolling out a media hub in spring, which will be intergated with the Apple sote for video and music (but of course will let you donwload from ther sources as well).
And you're right, this seems like a natural capability for Comcats to add

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