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May 22, 2023 – 04:04 am

Internet Helps Liberate, Create Music in China : NPR

BearShare is the best music download software and it is free. It lets you find, download, share and publish audio and video files. With BearShare 12, you get: connecting via Facebook - Log in with your Facebook account BearShare, Favorites - mark your favorite songs and add them to your playlist of 'favorites' in a single click; support Android devices - BearShare now supports synchronization with all Android devices, and a new design for the library and the reader - manage your music library is easier than ever, a powerful search engine, an integrated community with instant messaging taking charge and iPod MP3 players, CD burning, improved privacy features and of course the world's fastest downloads! Explore the power of boundless musical experience! Satisfaction Guarantee, try it now! Limewire users will be pleased to discover that the fast file sharing is not dead. And it is actually better than ever with Bearshare 12 - free download software that delivers ultra-fast downloads to date. When you make a list of the best software for sharing music and video, BearShare tops. Discover all the latest features such as the new interface, the media library with its revamped design, and much more by getting the latest version of BearShare today.

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Since you do not fileshare then by your own admission you know nothing about it. Don't make assumptions on things you know nothing about.
Unless of course you are knowledgeable on the subject and that only means one thing....
First, I along with many others do share serial numbers for software I have purchased. So don't assume that the number was stolen or the app was cracked. Besides most Mac apps do not even need to be cracked, nor ever are. That's more on the Windoze side. There are plenty of legitimately purchased serial numbers being shared. scam site

I just googled PSP blender and this is what I found:
PSPBlender is a site which claims to offer loads of media downloads, mp3 files, music, etc. for a one-off fee.
In fact all this site provides, for your money, is a link to a bit torrent download client. This software can of course be found all over the net for free. So, you would be paying them, Click Sales Inc., for access to software which is freely available to anyone, and does not belong to them in the first place.
This type of scam may lead those who don't know better to believe that they are legally entitled to download copyrighted material via torrents - since they have handed over some money

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