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April 18, 2023 – 01:25 am


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Welcome to Blubster, the community of free music even more new and improved. Become a Blubzie and start to take advantage of all the new features and benefits of this global network for file sharing. Blubster is FREE! .

Blubster is designed to make the P2P easy for everyone. If some of you do not know the process of downloading mp3 files, we in the Blubster team offer you a free easy file-sharing program that will make it easier and faster to manage all your music downloads.

  • Download free music
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Search faster and faster downloads
  • Recoverable multi-source downloading automatically
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Secure network and totally decentralized
  • Brand new internal music player
  • Wish List / Buddy List
  • Chat and Voice Chat
  • Advanced Searches
  • Collecting download and playlist management
  • Web links support, SHA-1 hashing

Spreading culture and music is one of the main objectives of Blubster. Millions of users around the world can share their music files and help grow the community. Download this program will cost you only a few seconds and you will get into the best network / community p2p.

Blubster using software peer-to-peer basis without a central server, running a private UDP transport protocol: The MP2P Protocol. This system allows you to keep private the identity of the user, making the file-sharing process completely safe. After more than two years after its launch, MP2P has proven a scalable and ultra-fast.

Blubster is a free online community, active and open, and you are entered to take part. Not wasting time, download the free software Blubster and ready to use one of the peer-to-peer most efficient and fastest there is.

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to obey all laws governing copyright in each country.

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I've already searched the forum

But didn't find what I was looking for.
What is the best p2p file sharing site. Not necessarily for music
Some here say limewire, some say limewire sucks.
I tried emule, but emule doesn't seem to be working. Cant find a download button.
Also looked a edonkey2000, but it seems they want you to pay.
Checked out bit torrent, but it looks like software downloads only.
And I already know kazaa sucks too.
Anybody have any other suggestions?

Converting .ram,mp3 etc. to .WAV formats

I've been trying to download some "spoken" material. I find that these DLs frequently come in formats that I can't burn onto cds. I prefer Windows media player-I've had too much trouble w/Real, and that software works best w/.WAV, ok w/ MP3, a little w/ rm., and not at all w/ .ram. Even DLs that claim to be for Real Music seem to frequently come in .ram format that will play -but not allow a cd burned-on.rm.
Second question & 1 I was starting to get some leads on a while back. I used to use a lot of p2p file sharing because I could find a lot more exotic( esp. blues & old non-stadium rock)

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