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SoundCloud, a great tool to send / receive / share music

May 18, 2023 – 03:57 am


What is the best way to send a song with a friend? The e-mail is always a lottery, because not everyone has boxes with a large storage capacity, and it often happens that after long upload'll see the e-mail back after a few hours. Also, not everyone has an FTP server on which upload files. I personally use services like YouSendIt , which allow you to send free e-mail files up to 100 megabytes.

But there is a service called SoundCloud , whose job is to send and receive music files. Not only that, also allows you to comment on our recipients the whole song or even a specific point in the timeline of the song.

You can send music to a thousand people in any format, among other things, at the time of you can choose whether the file can be downloaded, or if it can only be heard in streaming on the Web

SoundCloud, finally, also allows you to get a code to enter, via the tag "embed" music on their website or on your social networks.

SoundCloud is currently available by invitation only , but if you're professional musicians, singers or do you have a band you probably have to look at this project. As always, if you know of other interesting ways to share your music segnalateceli in the comments.

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How do i best share media with my roommates?

We share a dsl line. i know itunes allows sharing of music files, but i want to do more than that. i would like to buy a harddrive (over 200GB) and let everyone place recipes, photos, etc. on it. however, i foresee at least three problems. one is stability: since this is not anyone's computer, if a virus or something hits it, no one will want to repair it. perhaps a solution is to use linux as the easiest way to put the harddrive on our internal network to attach a pc with an ethernet device? in otherwords, am i basically looking at creating an internal server? is there a website or two that might have hints on how to best go about this - perhaps using a stand-alone pc and adding several harddrives? it would be great if someone could access the data without having to plug in a cord

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Your best bet is to get something like a sansa MP3 Player. They play music and videos. It's just like another harddrive. All you do is drag and drop your music and videos right into the mp3 player's drive that appears under my computer when you connect it via usb. So it can work with bearshare or any other sharing software. In addition, my Sansa has FM radio, stores photos, makes recordings and more.. Total battery life is about 10 hours and the batteries can be bought and changed by anyone

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