The top 20 programs for file sharing (P2P - peer to peer)

May 21, 2023 – 04:03 am

file sharing Programs and peer to peer file sharing are increasingly emerging as the preferred mode for many servers to make available for download file of medium and large sizes. I am not necessarily referring to the download of music and songs (which is also illegal) just as an example, if you notice, now any Linux ISO is made ​​available almost exclusively via Torrent and the same goes for many other similar resources.

On the other hand the first to benefit distributing the files via P2P are the same sites that provide them: a distributed via peer-to-peer file it allows those who spreads to save bandwidth and at the same time also to obtain a more even distribution capillary and fast!

Since, according to many, in the future the download will practically only via file sharing, it is better to protect themselves from the start and get an education on all P2P programs in circulation (because, as you will see, there are not only eMule and BitTorrent ! )!

List of the 20 most common and popular P2P programs

  1. BitTorrent
    And 'one of the fastest known and popular programs for P2P exploits the torrent protocol and is available for Windows, Linux (using Wine) and Mac OS X
    BitTorrent Download
  2. LimeWare
    It 'a good P2P software also integrates a media player and a form to search for files shared on the network. E 'available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    Download LimeWare Client
  3. Shareaza
    And 'one of the earliest file sharing programs. It supports many different P2P networks like Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey Network, BitTorrent, and can handle links e2k, Gnutella and Piolet. It only works on Windows XP / Vista.
    Download Shareaza Client
  4. Kazaa
    Similarly, Shareaza, Kazaa is also one of the first born into the world of P2P software so that at the time the client became the most popular ever. Unfortunately, at present, despite the Kazaa network is still standing is avoided by many as full of fake, viruses and malware. The supported operating systems are Windows XP and Vista.
    Download Kazaa Lite
  5. iMesh
    With an enviable multi-language support, iMesh has a network with more than 15 million audio and video files free and (according to the state) absolutely legal and downloadable. The supported operating systems are Windows XP and Vista.
    Download iMesh
  6. Bearshare Lite
    Available in multi-language version, Bearshare is a decent P2P client with a good user base and file sharing, it is particularly suitable for downloading MP3 files and music. E 'available for Windows XP / Vista.
    Download BearShare
  7. eMule
    One of the most popular file sharing programs in the world, eMule is undoubtedly the most widely known and used in Italy. Provides an integrated search system and allows you to take advantage of both servers and the Kad network independently. Integrate a good search function and is also available in portable version. E 'available for Windows XP / Vista.
    Download eMule
  8. KCeasy
    It 'a protocol-based client giFT, especially optimized for simultaneous downloading a single file from multiple nodes in the network. E 'available for Windows XP / Vista.
    Download KCeasy
  9. Ares Galaxy
    It boasts a P2P network which, although not huge, is distinguished by the almost total absence of viruses, malware and fake. E 'available for Windows XP / Vista.
    Download Ares
  10. Soulseek
    Client a bit 'dated boasting a P2P network, however, still good for those who are looking for music and MP3. E 'available for Windows XP / Vista.
    Download Souleseek Client
  11. WinMX
    Who has not heard of the legendary WinMX raise your hand! Although the server is offline from the "far" 2005, the WinMX network still works fine and is used mainly for sharing audio and video files. And 'only available for Windows XP.
    Download WinMX
  12. Piolet
    Despite the self-declared as the third generation P2P client does NOT integrate any search functionality and the free version is full of advertising. Dunno, we'll see ... In any case, it is only available on Windows XP.
    Download Piolet client
  13. qBittorrent
    Probably the best free torrent client for Mac and Linux , in fact at the level of GUI is a clone of the well known uTorrent because it replicates all the functionality and features
    Download qBittorrent
  14. Overnet
    It 'a distributed file sharing program based on the Overnet network composed of more than 10 million users. The client has many interesting features like integrated search and recognition system corrupted files. E 'available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    Download Overnet client
  15. Vuze
    formerly known as Azureus, Vuze is considered by many as the best torrent client with a lot of integrated search and advanced management of bandwidth usage for the file transfer. E 'available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    Download Vuze
  16. FrostWire
    Very similar to Vuze, is another client torrent widespread and very efficient. It also supports the protocols of networks Gnutella, eDonkey, and Gnutella2. Completely free virus is also distinguished by the fact that it is integrated with iTunes. E 'available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    Download FrostWire
  17. uTorrent
    It 'a lightweight and efficient torrent client with many interesting features such as RSS downloader, IPV6 support and the ability to easily manage the use of bandwidth and simultaneous downloads. E 'available for all versions of Windows.
    Download uTorrent
  18. Morpheus
    Other free P2P program, Morpheus caratterzza for an intuitive user interface and good functionality built-in search. The latest versions also support streaming video and audio.
    Download Morpheus
  19. ANts
    Other P2P software that boasts to be the third generation of file sharing, but this time the reasons are no longer valid: ANts crypt in fact virtually any file transits within its network sharing, ensuring anonymity and security to its users. And 'written in Java and therefore runs on virtually all operating systems.
    Download ANts client
  20. Acquisition
    It 'a P2P relatively new and certainly not free. It uses the Gnutella network and is based on Limewire. It 'a client dedicated exclusively to the Mac
    Download Acquisition


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