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August 29, 2013 – 03:04

RealPlayer Realplayer Video playback UB Free

Playback on Mac rm, rmvb files essential player.

Perian Video playback decoder UB Free

Similar like Windows at the K-lite codec pack, like, so you are able to film on the computer via the built-in Quicktime program to play (in addition to rm, rmvb, wmv, etc.), now also supports subtitles ssa, srt subtitle file, as long put the subtitle file with folders and videos can be, quite recommended also convenient plug-in software! !

VLC Video playback UB Free

Almost everything on the Mac video player, all of the videos available in the market almost every support, VCD, DVD, Divx and so recommended to use VLC to play, DVD with VLC put no territorial restrictions, Divx and other films same folder will automatically grab the subtitle file, very convenient. Also on some pre-hung subtitle settings, you can refer to this site this teaching text .

Flip4mac WMV player Video playback decoder UB Free

This is a video decoder purpose is to make your Mac can play Windows Media Video (WMV), when browsing the web in addition also supports wmv playback, for example, said Yahoo's movie trailer can be said that the necessary decoder.

Handbrake Convert DVD movie UB Free

Insert the DVD into the computer's avi or mpeg4 video, you can choose the size you want to turn into a movie, or how many Kbps, choose subtitle, audio classes, etc., is quite fast converting speed, full set of easy to use DVD movie backup software. Also want to put DVD movies into iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch can watch the format, HandBrake can easily do ~ Site in here with detailed teaching posts.

MacTheRipper Backup DVD discs PPC / Intel Free

Would you want to back up a DVD copy of one to one up, there is a computer into an image file, it will automatically disarm copy protection mechanisms, in the future you can use this image burned out or just in the computer can also be read, But then again, please use the legitimate purposes - on the teaching of this software, this site in the " How to copy protected DVD full backup to your computer "also has to share, please reference ~

PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 Video conversion software PPC / Intel Free

Currently used on the Mac is best to use video conversion software, support RM, RMVB, MPEG2, MP4, WMV, FLV, VOB and other video files to AVI or MP4, but also can convert video files to the iPod, iPhone The format of such devices, but also supports the. srt subtitle files with combined output AVI file into a movie file, and full of fast converting speed, it is recommended to you. Please refer to this site for more teaching of this article .

VisualHub Video conversion software UB Stop development

This is another good use of a conversion program, but this is more convenient to convert all kinds of video files playback device can put a number of handheld format, if you have iPhone, iPod, PocketPC, PSP, PMP, etc. something that you should be like this file conversion software, but the software's author has stopped development, but he has put out an open source code, I hope soon there will be free software version of VisualHub derivatives have been developed. Convert to AppleTV and iPod urgently friends, you can refer to this author's another set of free file conversion software iSquint .

Switch Convert music Intel / PPC Free

Switch is a music format conversion software that supports various formats of music gear conversion, there is support wma formats into mp3, for long-term use of windows just turn the Mac's friends should be very useful, but it also supports multi-file batch transfer block , converting speed is fast, detailed and teaching please refer here .


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mikrosonic SPC - Music Sketchpad 2 Demo
Mobile Application (mikrosonic)
  • Turn your Android device into a sampler and sequencer
  • Play and mix patterns, loops, and sequences with 16 pads
  • Program your own beats and grooves
  • Record sounds and loops
  • Scribble your musical ideas
  • Add realtime effects like reverb, delay, phaser, filter and distortion
  • Load WAV files from anywhere on your SD card with the browser option
  • Integrate loops you've created with RD3 - Groovebox
  • Share your tracks directly online on SoundCloud
  • Program, produce, and share your tracks anytime and anywhere
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