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Why is file sharing (P2P) dangerous?

May 25, 2023 – 04:11 am


We are often in the forum asked by users, why we insist on the removal of P2P programs (file sharing). But they are completely harmless, someone upload a file to the public high and another upload them.

File sharing is the common term in the world network for sharing files in file sharing networks (so-called sharing) using a P2P program (client). , KaZaa, Morpheus, Shareaza ode Vuze . Are widely used clients such as Ares, BitTorrent, uTorrent, eMule, KaZaa, Morpheus, Shareaza ode Vuze. About this client load different user files up or down. In this way, movies, music or programs or other files with other users to be shared.

Sounds only once simple and harmless to supply themselves in this way with movies, music or programs. Unfortunately, this is far from harmless. te ( Umgehung des Kopierschutzes ) Version eines kommerziellen Programm heruntergeladen hat. If the user is not careful, he quickly violated copyrights and thereby committed an illegal act, because he downloaded a pirated copy or the so-called crack te ge (bypassing the copy protection) version of a commercial program.

But this is only one side of the danger, the other side is that in this way pests of all kinds are put into circulation . Even if the P2P programs (clients) are self-clean, the danger is great about the downloaded file spyware or other pests on your computer to get n The malware authors use the popularity of barter exchanges mercilessly and spread over the various filesharing software groomed in all kinds of pests. When installing the program manipulated the pest is hidden in the background with installed without being noticed by the user. The pest spying the system and in turn transmitted the attacker the necessary background information to open his door. Before the user provides, it is part of a botnet become.

Of course, not all downloads from sharing pirated or contain pests. However, it is difficult for users to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Embarrassing it can be if you are not careful in hiring in the P2P clients and the content of their own hard drive or just specific folders shared (shared). Those who do not pay attention to what is set by default as a shared folder that has personal files quickly shared with the whole world that he had not even shown his closest friends. Often the folder where your downloaded files will be saved automatically notified.

All this taken together makes it clear why we assess the dangers of filesharing higher than the benefits, and always recommend that you uninstall P2P programs. Too fast, the user enters in this way in a legal gray zone or infected the computer.

Our advice is always to download programs on the websites of the authors themselves. If the program is not freeware, rather pay a few euros to the author or find freeware alternatives. Movies and music at one of the numerous music - / film -shops buy, now there are many cost effective deals. To be on the safe side, do not worry warnings or expensive to house searches and have set your computer to unnecessary hazards. You do not need to deal with false or broken versions of grappling and download any malware or virus and your computer is not the bot .

Source: blog.botfrei.de

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Without MediaSentry's testimony and exhibits, the RIAA would have very little left to build a case on, a fact that Altman is banking on in his filing. It appears, however, that the judge may not ever rule on the motion, as the RIAA has filed a motion to dismiss the case with prejudice

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