P2P users buy more unique products

May 29, 2023 – 04:28 am

P2P users buy more original products


A survey conducted in the United States and Germany revealed that P2P users buy more music than those who do not use this technology. "What does this change in my life?", Simple, is a long discussion about it being pirated or not, and a new survey to make it a fact might be coming around.

If you do not know what P2P is here describing the Tecmundo that explains well:

P2P (peer-English-to-peer, meaning peer-to-peer) is a format of computer network in which the main feature is decentralization of the functions of conventional network, where each user's computer connected ultimately perform functions Client and server simultaneously.

Its main purpose is the transmission of files and their appearance made ​​possible the mass sharing of music and movies. With the increasing use of P2P network for this purpose, increasingly arise programs for this purpose, but they do not always meet the expectations of the user.

Several networks operate today in this way sharing, including Kademlia, Gnutela, Kad Network and SoulSeek. Some programs are worth to be mentioned when it comes to P2P: SoulSeek , eMule , LimeWire , Ares Galaxy , Shareaza , DreaMule , iMesh and Morpheus . If you prefer, access the category of P2P sharers Baixaki and meet more programs that operate this way.

Researchers Joe Karaganis and Lennart Renkema joined Google to conduct research that had the interest to know the ways users perceive the footsteps of the music industry and the strategies around the defense of copyright. Although similar results, the Germans seem to show greater support to comply with copyright. According to the survey:

Americans reject the use of disconnection speed limit as punishment for illegal music sharing.

Users of P2P file sharing music over the internet to buy 30% more than those who do not.

In the U.S., eight in ten of those surveyed approve of sharing content protected with relatives, while six in ten extend this logic to friends.

Between 4% and 15% of respondents consider reasonable downloading copyrighted content without paying, post links to content "Pirate" on Facebook or sell illegal copies.

In Germany 82% of income from music formats are physical, such as CDs In the United States the figure drops to less than half.

76% of Americans over the age of 30 say they think wrong to share content with friends, while only 51% of people over 65 years, approve.

13% of Internet users in the U.S. use the software of P2P file sharing, of these, 20% of adults under 30 years use the service for such purposes.

Source: neo8its.com

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You can't use p2p to download programs.
Too many evil little kiddie hackers out there.
Riaa is working with the ISPs to shut down music sharing.
The movie people are going after some of the new release movie sharers.
Some people use "peer guardian" from what i've heard.
Use at your own risk.

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