The Music of Heaven - The Music of Heaven

May 16, 2023 – 03:42 am

The Music of Heaven

Picture of repertoire, I read Paul-Pine Nifa Team It ended in December 2012, the 16th edition of "The Music of Heaven - Voices and music in the religions of the world", a series of concerts promoted by the Province of Milan / Department of Culture in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Milan (Service for the Pastoral Liturgical) and numerous municipalities participating in the initiative. In the program, as always, free concerts of popular music, jazz, ethnic and sacred churches and basilicas of the municipalities of the province of Milan.

"Music of Heaven" moves to the discovery of musical expressions of religions and cultures of the world, thanks to the participation of musicians belonging to different denominations and lay people who rework the religious heritage of their culture. Encouraged by critical acclaim and wide participation of the public, "The Music Of Heaven" is a crossroads of musical languages, a research vehicle and tradition and opportunity for reading from the sacred music of today. A wonderful opportunity to learn and discover different ways to experience music, which every year is always able to give great opportunities for sharing and beauty. The concerts, as every year, have been selected and edited by the Cultural Vagalume.
The event is part of a wider project of the Province of Milan "metropolis", which includes also during Advent "Ancient Bodies in Concert" .

"The folk music, a fundamental element of" The Music of Heaven ", is universal and accessible to all. - Notes Novo Umberto Maerna, Vice President and Head of Culture of the Province of Milan - This explains the success of this exhibition, which accompanies us for Christmas as a sign of hope and revival of traditions: gospel music, the pizzica, the Irish melodies. "Music of Heaven" is echoed in the churches and in the heart of our city to share music, music that unites. "


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I don't want to perpetuate wrong doing...

But, yes there's places you can download free music.
With Realplayers new additional program, you can download many streaming videos and MP3s.
Then there's the illegal p2p and bit torrent file sharing programs like "Limewire", but the individual one that has the group/music you're looking for is just a guessing game. You gotta go look and see what's out there.
I would offer you a link, but I'm a newbie.
It's against the rules.

The newer versions

Of the songs do not have the bullshit proprietary component that makes sharing a bitch.
In addition, there are programs all over the net which can do this . . just do a google search.
Finally, if there are specific songs you want .. go to websites such as and search for music blogs that post them . . and download them for free . . . .
there is also a way to pull them directly off the site.
I use Itunes as well but they really are a pain in the ass . .
Limewire will just eventually infect your system.

Hello, Goodbye... A First Painting

Wow, looks like a nice show! That's really great! You're one busy artist.
Speaking of not enough sleep...
In hopes of getting advice on how to, as in the words of the first-time painter, “save it,” I posted this painting a couple of days ago… the comments and suggestions were great and inspiring! With this in mind, for fun, I tried various filters and tools in editing programs - thought maybe that you guys would like to see some of the results of how far one painting can go. Though several of these may appear to be different paintings, they are mere clones, close-ups, multiples and/or filtered from the original painting

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