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August 29, 2013 – 03:04

Judith Jango-Cohen | Children's Nonfiction and Photography

Ares Galaxy to publish files on the Ares network. You can stream any file format (images, videos, music, text, etc..). A media player is integrated into the application, it allows you to preview files being downloaded. The documents that you share can be arranged. Your own chat rooms can be created to meet your regular correspondents.
The particularity of this structure lies in the decentralized network. Download speeds are particularly increased.

Warning: The government unveiled its arsenal against hackers copyright.
Find out 01net:
- Measures against illegal downloading
- What drives 01net think the draft anti-piracy fight


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Has anyone here successfully used iPod Viewer?

I'm looking for someone who has successfully used iPod Viewer or some other such program to download from someone else's iPod music to their computer w/o iTunes deleting the music.
I have an iPod, but I'm afraid to hook it up to my iTunes, for fear it will delete all the music - and it's a LOT of music.
In exchange for your wisdom and experience, I'm happy to share the music with you, as well. Thanks!

Copyright R.I.P.

Has anyone noticed how obviously out of date our copyright laws are. If they were to fully enforce the current laws for piracy of music alone, I bet that at least 80 percent of Americans under 25 would be in prison. Are we supposed to pretend that this isnt a growing problem? With internet still in its infancy it seems like this is just the birth of a problem that is going to continue to grow. Right now anyone can download any song, movie, tv show, program, even books from any Peer to Peer site, all absolutely free.
It seems like a true artist creates as a form of expression to share with the world

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