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August 29, 2013 – 03:05

Top 10 Underhyped Mac Apps

A file sharing program that values ​​the freedom of users.

Mac users sometimes are in doubt about which application to use to share content on the internet.

If you already know the LimeWire , but thinks the app is very slow and does not support advertisements and bugs, learn about an alternative: FrostWire, which many users call "blatant copy of LimeWire" only without advertisements and a little more fast.

LimeWire FrostWire x
The developers plan to implement the program LimeWire file sharing a filter that prohibits downloading illegal files, that go against the rules of copyright.

In contrast, the FrostWire keeps the original settings of LimeWire, allowing the sharing of any type of file on the network. The philosophy of FrostWire is to remain always free, both in price and in the shared content.

FrostWire's interface is not what you might call pleasant, since it seems pretty typical interfaces with the Windows Operating System, however, is an organized interface and simple, like that of LimeWire .

Our Opinion

Above you gave a full description of FrostWire and their features, what we now know it FrostWire is what many call "blatant copying." Keeping the previous settings of the program, FrostWire aims to continue the freedom in sharing content, which is threatened by LimeWire and its anti-piracy filters.

With a median interface, the program has the same operation and promises a LimeWires more quickly, a feature that was not noticed during the tests. Is in order to escape the content controls LimeWire? Migrate now for FrostWire.


  • As simple as LimeWire.
  • No content filter.
  • Free.

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The entire internal network is virus and trouble free, and none of the machines ever has a problem with the exception of the downloading computer, which is purposely not scanned and kept clean because of it's purpose, it is also segregated in the DMZ so anything on it cannot affect the rest of the network, and it just gets re-imaged every couple weeks

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