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G1 - Subjects on Twitter - Monday, 8/26/2013

August 27, 2013 – 03:04

Lo Que Mas Les Gustó: Listeners Pick The Best Music Of 2012 : Alt

, 26 de agosto de 2013 . These are the main issues that make the list of " Trending Topics "microblogging social network Twitter this Monday, August 26, 2013. Twitter measures the issues of the day around the world and also among users of Brazil and from two Brazilian cities: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Trending Topics in Brazil to17h17.

Miley Cyrus: Twitterers write about the singer's performance at the awards Video Music Awards 2013, sponsored by MTV U.S., which happened on Sunday (25). Most commented on the choreography bold and very short shorts Miley Cyrus during the duet he did with Robin Thick. She competed in the VMA categories clip of the year edition, and clip female summer music, but did not win any awards.

# EuDormiriaCom: most Internet users complete the sentence with the names of artists or football players of whom are fans. Others cite her boyfriend (a) or simply objects such as bed and blanket.

# ChupaPerriePorqueOZaynOlhouPraBundaDaSelena: Selena Gomez fans cause admirers of Perrie Edwards, the British band Little Mix and Zayn Malik bride, saying that the member of One Direction would have looked for the American singer during the Video Music Awards 2013.

# SmilersLoveMileyNoMatterWhat: Miley Cyrus fans react to comments unflattering to the presentation of the singer in 2013 MVA and say how much they love the artist.

# Chaysuede: tag with the name of the singer comes in various posts as rave reviews from fans, news about new CD Artist Chay Suede and participation in the program by Roberto Justus, in the Record.

# ThanksLadyGagaForSupportOneDirection: One Direction thank fans of the singer Lady Gaga that she left the audience MVA British band in 2013 after having been the target of boos. Related Topic: Lady Gaga.

Justin Timberlake: Twitter users write about participation and awards received by singer Justin Timberlake at the Video Music Awards 2013. "Mirrors" won in the categories and clip of the year edition. "Suit & Tie" won best director.

World Judo: impact of international sporting event which began on Monday (26) in Rio de Janeiro. On the first day of the World Judo, a Brazilian Sarah Menezes hit the North Korean Kim Sun Mi and won bronze . Already Felipe Kitadai lost the first fight for the South Korean Won Jin Kim and did not win a medal.

The trending topics from Brazil were measured at 17h17.

Trending Topics in the Worldat 17h07 (Photo: Playback/

Justin Timberlake is among the most talked about topics


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