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May 13, 2023 – 03:35 am

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The interview (by Fabio Cerbone)

The care of the graphics, from the cover, seemed to restrict a style very accurately for Mojo Filter: in short, I think that it is clear in what context you move the way you do rock. Do you agree with this impression and how you chose the graphic and sound path that led to the recording of disc?

Let's say that everything is shaped by the intentions that the band has always had, since its inception in 2006. The road to rock 60s and 70s was marked naturally by the background of Alexander Battistini and Daniel Togni above. In late 2009 we started to work on some original songs oriented rock matrix vintage, got thrown into the first ep, perhaps more mod, and then the rest. The graphics are the product of our rock: he has always been fascinated by the artwork of the posters of the Fillmore in San Francisco, for example. Ferdinand Lozza got it at the direction to take and behold cover and poster of the tour.

Since I heard on several occasions live, it seems to me that your image on the stage and the choice of instrumentation seem to describe a precise choice of the field: they tell a lot about your musical roots. Have you ever had doubts about the way music choice on the style? O come all natural?

Yes, I think that image and instrumentation already say a lot about our intentions. The point is that it was not a stylistic choice: when we think we only see Gibson and Fender guitars and amplifiers when we think we get Fender and Marshall almost without thinking. Tell you if we had any doubts ... I would say no! The same applies to the style. At the end of the background is that, perhaps with some single shade.

Do you think that this strong appeal to a certain sound can be defined as "classic rock" may have been a hindrance? Let me explain: somehow think that your way of thinking and playing rock and roll can be seen out of fashion or even "passed" and precludervi some opportunities, including live?

In Italy, at a time like this, where our local indie scene is experiencing a new springtime, maybe our classic rock sound too. And yes, some roads are closed. But I do not care about it: the Mojo Filter are and this could not be anything else. But it makes me smile that abroad the vintage rock is returning topical, see Rival Sons, Vintage Trouble and Sheepdogs.

Tell me a bit 'of the genesis of the band: we can define common tastes within the group or there are stories and different influences in each component?

Alessandro Togni Battistini and Daniel have formed Mojo Filter in 2006. Alexander made his bones in the underground in Milan for fifteen years, while Daniel grind kilometers between Bergamo and Milan. The two of them grew up on bread and Led Zeppelin, The Who and Hendrix. As you know, I got on the train, in 2009, while the band began to put his hand to original songs. My backgound is always attributable to that period, but more oriented to the swamp of Creedence and the folk-rock of The Band and the American branch. But it was pretty simple inserirmi mechanisms have been run in the band. In 2010 he came to replace Jennifer Longo Thu Riggi to the battery. Honestly, no one has understood the reasons that led all'avvicendamento the battery. The fact is that today we find ourselves Jennifer behind the drums. She is a huge fan of Grand Funk Railroad.


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