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August 29, 2013 – 03:03

As already mentioned in the article: " LED,Plasma or LCD,what to choose our Media Center "DLNA is a common standard for communication on the network of multiple audio and video devices.DLNA is currently used by more than 250 companies,one of the founders of the collaboration we can mention Intel ,LG Electronics ,Microsoft ,Panasonic ,Pioneer ,Philips ,Samsung ,Sharp ,Sony and Toshiba . Through DLNA so you can share and play multimedia content from Smartphone,Tablet and a host of compatible devices.The discourse concerning DLNA until now has been reduced to many theoretical concepts but few today know what the true potential of the DLNA protocol,we have already mentioned that XBMC can implement a UPnP / DLNA server thus giving the possibility to benefit of our Smart multimedia content from any device in your house.Today we are just the realization of a DLNA server using our XBMC.Recall that still exist in both applications (PC,Mac and Linux) to implement a DLNA server,or dedicated systems such as Network Drives with integrated DLNA Server.The final goal of the system is to share,through a standard protocol,all our multimedia content not only movies and music but also photos,videos,etc..

With DLNA everything and shared by all!

Perhaps as a phrase will seem a bit exaggerated,but more or less,and so. Logically,the devices must be compatible with the DLNA protocol.Let's see some examples of device for reading the DLNA sources.

  • Microsoft XBOX 360
  • Sony Play Station 3
  • Android Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy,Sony Xperia,LG Optimus etc.).
  • Apple - iPhone
  • PC (with a DLNA client)
  • Decoder Sat / Terrestrial high-end - Enigma / Enigma 2 etc..(Example DreamBox)
  • A smart TV (Samsung,Sony,LG etc.).
  • Other DLNA client

Let's see how it could be configured to run XBMC as a DLNA / UPnP server.Enable DLNA / UPnP on XBMC Making a DLNA / UPnP with XBMC is really easy.We remind you that you can share with DLNA entire archive of our XBMC.It is not mandatory to have all the movies,photos or music on the local system of XBMC,but these files can also be stored on PCs,NAS,etc. ..What is important is that you have a single source for all the files in the archive.To enable DLNA if you simply must also depends on the version you have installed. To configure XBMC as a "server") go to settings: If you use XBMC v11 "Eden": Network → Services,and then activate the function the following ... If you use XBMC v12 "Frodo" Services → UPnP devices,then turn on Enable the following function ... So get out there and you're done.At this point everything that is present in our archive (Movies and Music) will be enjoyed by all the DLNA client on the network.

A problem that sometimes occurs is that the weak Wi-Fi signal.In fact,it is known that for a good use of multimedia content on the net,there is a need for a good connection.Personally I think the best solution is a nice cable that ensures: Stability,Speed,Noise Reduction.But when you are not available to a cable (or you can not pass a new one),you know how to use the Wi-Fi.But as I said if the signal is weak in one area of ​​the home,you can use an item "Repeater".A repeater is an element that takes a signal (also weak) and repeats amplifying and regenerating it.In the theory of networks,it is an element transparent to the network and which is normally used on long lengths where,even on cable,later traveled long distances tends to degrade the signal,the repeater regenerates.

Source: www.xbmc-italia.it

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Yeah, you can stream to Xbox or ps3

Its real easy with windows machines, and if you have a zune, your whole zune library can be shared with your 360 over your network.
I found one way to share from linux to 360, but I've only been able to make video work so far. It looks like I'll need two separate media share servers to get both music and video (due to limitations with the servers that have been created so far).
Unfortunately though it doesn't go both ways :(

360/PS3/PC networking

Good morning !
I'm looking to be able to share the media across my 3 connections. I went through the whole thing with 360 trying to set it up thru media center, but it requires Vista and I don't care to switch to vista. is there a way to do it with XP? I'd like to share my music and potentially some movies.
I also haven't even tried doing anything with the PS3 yet. is it some big pain in the ass?
thanks in advance for any help/advice

Could use a little PS3 guidance please.

Before I invest a bunch of time, effort, and (gasp) money? in finding some conversion tool that will convert my itunes m4a files to a format that windows media likes, I thought I would solicit some advice. I don't much care for windows media, and use my xp laptop more than my vista pc. That being said, I would like all my music available on my PS3. I finally got the sharing to work right, I think, however there is very little music shared. I am unfamiliar with Vista's WMC, and don't really want to become familiar with it. Is there a way to share my itunes music with my PS3 without wasting the space required to have all of it duplicated

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