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May 9, 2023 – 03:24 am


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  • Léo Iverson E Fb Author: Leo Iverson And Fb

FB: This war does not end
Violence, prejudice
On TV just bitching

Every year
is the same story
Always and only
Promise of improvement

Léo Iverson:

eh that our routine
always been that way and always will be
and I still have hope
that will change


Social inequality
Ja estrapolou
hunger and poverty
increasing every year

When I was a child
Via a different world
Had no idea it was so delinquent

Léo Iverson:

eh that our routine
always been that way and always will be
and I still have hope
that will change

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After turning in relatively early on Sat night I got a call Sunday afternoon from a friend that I was out with on Sat. Seems she had been partying all night and was still up rolling around Manhattan in cabs and limos from loft to loft and rooftop to rooftop, but had inadvertently lost her wallet and all credit cards at an after hours club, so she might need some help getting back out of the city later that night. ME: "Call me later and let me know you're OK, but I'm kinda busy with life today."
And THEN...
On Tuesday morning I get a voice mail message at 5:30AM from a former FB (haven't seen him in a few months, but we email and chat once in a while) Saying, "Hey, long time no see, it's a short week, lemme know what you're up to and let's get together for some drinks

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