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August 29, 2013 – 03:05

10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do

1. What information is transferred during synchronization of metadata? The system transfers the PPM of each track, the beat grid (and information about whether it is locked or not), and all the key entry points that apply to the buttons Hotcue. All other fields are read-only tag in TRAKTOR DJ: you can not edit tags in your application.

Two. How do I move a playlist to TRAKTOR PRO TRAKTOR DJ? Make sure you have the same playlist in your iTunes library. You can drag and drop all the songs from the playlist to an empty playlist or export an iTunes playlist file m3u TRAKTOR to re-import it into iTunes, it suits you best. Then synchronize iTunes playlist with your iPad or iPhone.

Both the playlist as their songs appear in TRAKTOR DJ.

Note that playlists in TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR DJ currently not synchronized through Dropbox. Only synchronized metadata tracks playlists. This means you can change the name of a playlist to TRAKTOR PRO, but the new name will not sync with TRAKTOR DJ, only synchronize metadata of the track as the beat grid, PPM counts and entry points.

Three. I can sync TRAKTOR DJ? With multiple devices, for example, I can sync two different iPads or iPhone and an iPad? Yes, you can sync multiple iPads / iPhones with copies of TRAKTOR DJ with a collection of TRAKTOR PRO. The collection serves as the standard TRAKTOR PRO when using Dropbox Sync, so you can not sync two different laptops with a copy of TRAKTOR PRO in the same way.

April. What if the size of the files in my collection of tracks is larger than the storage space on my iPad or iPhone? Do I have to downsize my collection? No, only synchronize tracks and playlists with your iPad major / iPhone. TRAKTOR PRO collection is not stored on the iPad / iPhone. The music also contained in the collection is stored in the Dropbox folder: only contains information about your collection of TRAKTOR PRO. Every time you put music from your collection of TRAKTOR PRO on iPad / iPhone, TRAKTOR DJ go to Dropbox and retrieve the metadata of the track. The iPad just contains metadata for tracks that are currently in the iPad / iPhone. Use Dropbox as a storage area for collections of metadata is what maximizes memory use iPad / iPhone.

The best way to start if you already have TRAKTOR DJ TRAKTOR PRO: Find a few important playlists in TRAKTOR PRO. Make sure all the tracks you want to use are in the iTunes library on your iPad / iPhone. Sync your playlists with your iPad / iPhone and start playing them.

May. I can use bluetooth? Instead of Dropbox? I can? Manually transfer data from the collection of tracks? No. Right now Dropbox is the best way to synchronize the metadata of TRAKTOR DJ TRAKTOR your team and vice versa. Practice also provides automatic synchronization function. You can still control the tracks that are synchronized simply organizing your Dropbox folders.

Source: www.native-instruments.com

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