Android music network share

How to share its 3G connection via Android, Bluetooth or USB

May 17, 2023 – 03:43 am


Today we will see how to make its Android smartphone into a WiFi access point via 3G/4G, Bluetooth or USB. Commonly is called tethering or tethering in English.

Obviously, tethering works on all Android smartphones of the moment: Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X, Xperia V ...

Only pre-requisite to have Android 2.2 and a minimum Edge, 3G or 4G connection.

Do not worry, it's very easy to turn the Android WiFi access point and so share a connection to the computer:

  1. Open settings Android Smartphone
  2. Go to "Wireless network"
  3. Go to "More Settings" or "Advanced Wi-Fi access point" depending on your Android version
  4. Go to "Access Point"
  5. Enable the "Access Point", cf capture (and ensure that the smartphone captures the 3G/4G or minimum Edge)

Now, choose the connection mode, either WiFi or Bluetooth or USB either.

For Wifi:

  1. Press the cell "mobile hotspot"
  2. Configure the network name and create a password
  3. Go to a computer or other device connected
  4. Login to the new WiFi network to appear in the list

For Bluetooth:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on the device
  2. Activate Bluetooth access point
  3. Go to a Bluetooth PC or compatible device
  4. Refresh the list of connected Bluetooth devices and select the new created

For USB:

  1. Connect the USB cable to the camera
  2. Connecting the other side on a computer
  3. Enable USB access point

And now, you just create a comfortable private network!

But be careful to ensure that your package allows you at no extra cost. All operators allow the low-cost (Free Mobile, B & YOU, Sosh, ...), the other to check.


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