Meet Spotify, an application that allows music sharing via SMS

May 9, 2023 – 03:27 am

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The big news is that he received a very interesting update on their latest iPhone version,the iOS4, which allows us to share music files and playlist via sms.

They also added an icon for high resolution iPhone 4 and repaired some failures reported by users,such as errors in the upgrade of tracks in your inbox.

The new app can be downloaded for own App Store for free,but you must pay around $ 13 a month to use the app for iPhone.

Remember that so far,only Finland,France,Netherlands,Norway,Spain,Sweden and the UK can use the latest released version.

Check out the video of the operation of the application on the Apple device:

[ via IDG NOW ]

Thiago Dantas on August 10th,2010 in, ,

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Music sharing

Major music companies are preparing to mount a broad new attack on unauthorized online song-swapping.The campaign would include suits against individuals who are offering the largest troves of songs on peer-to-peer services. lawsuits that would target the highest volume song providers within the services, which allow people to grab songs. The Morpheus file-sharing application has been downloaded more than 95 million times, and Kazaa more than 90 million times,music artists haven't been out front in combating digital piracy, and some have even endorsed file-sharing.they would move toward preparing suits that would focus on individuals who supply the biggest amounts of music, as well as so-called 'supernodes,' or people who provide the centralized directories that enable online music-sharing

Well depends on what you sharing

I mean you could used all those free P2P software that are out there to share files.
Real simple,
What is illegal to share
Music files ( unless you a artist try to get your name out}
Movies are illegal to share ( unless is a movie you made yourself.
Application are Illegal to share( unless is a application you made/create yourself )
Picture are illegal to share ( unless there are picture of yourself you sharing )
Do not share porn at all, even if you made the video yourself, ( why cause you have under age kids downloading from software like kaaza etc, and if they download one of your porn video, you better run ..

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