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May 23, 2023 – 04:07 am

Now You Can Bump iOS Devices to Share Music


Freeagent GoFlex Net, Device GoFlex Net media sharing Access and share files anywhere. Sharing Device FreeAgent GoFlex Net media (HDD NOT included). Specifications:
- Easily share photos, movies and music with friends and ability to allow them to upload content.
- Store and access files from any PC or Mac on your home network.
- Stream photos, movies and music on the media player to GoFlex TV HD and video game consoles.
- Access to content on the move via free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any Internet browser.
- Sending pictures and video directly from a smartphone device to the GoFlex Net media sharing
- Easy integration with social activity sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
- Connection of up to two units and a GoFlex ultra-portable USB storage device.
- Automatic synchronization of content between a computer folder and a folder on your device GoFlex Net media sharing
- Synchronize content between two devices connected to the device GoFlex Net media sharing for additional protection of your files.
- Recognized as a physical drive connected to your computer, accessible by simple drag and drop operations, both from home via the Internet.
- Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
- No subscription fee. Composition:
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net
- AC adapter
- Ethernet cable.

Product Description

Product Code: STAK200 Easy access and share files anywhere and at any time. Transformation of the GoFlex ultra-portable drives and USB drives in the storage devices connected to the Internet.

* Share photos, music and movies over the Internet without charge
* Access to digital files from any computer on your home network (PC or Mac ®) and from anywhere in the world
* Listening to music, playing movies and access to content from a mobile device iPhone ®, iPad ®, BlackBerry ® or AndroidTM
* Support for the GoFlex ultra-portable drive thanks to two integrated slots and any USB storage device via an additional USB port

Compatible with GoFlex and GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drives

Source: www.amazon.it

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