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Free and free use of our music, sounds and loops

April 29, 2023 – 02:15 am

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The free use is permitted only with proper copyright notice

The notes for the various types of use are to be set as described below. If you do not understand something, please ask before you use the tracks. Email: music (at) cayzland (dot) com. Thanks and have fun in your production!

Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

angegeben werden! The instructions must be as described in the video and in text!

Unfortunately, we continue to find videos that do not meet these conditions. So again in detail:

Note in the video itself (Good readable uncredited)

Free film music by Cayzland Studio

PLUS Note in the video description:
Free film music by Cayzland Studio

Please copy & paste, insert, so that errors are avoided and the link is displayed correctly in the text.

Websites, blogs, etc.

No matter how you use our music, whether as background music in a player in a video or flash - must be set during the lifetime of the following note with link to us:

einf├╝gen: Note the following link to insert:
Free film music by Cayzland Studio

This may please copy the following HTML code and paste it into your website. Please check for function!
Free film music by Cayzland Studio

You can place the note in the vicinity of the content, including our material. For example, under the video player to use as background music somewhere on the page. It is important that the link works for us.

Presentations, public performances, school projects, etc.

Is a website or social network page available?
Put there just a nice note with a link to that you use our free music for your project. This is not necessarily available on the start, but should be visible and traceable.
Please always link to us!

Music Albums, DVD's, apps, software, etc.

Note on the website:
Just put a link to with the hint that you use our free and free material.

Note on the cover, in the credits:
On music CD's of bands, such as when you use one or more audio loops for a song, the note next to the entry on a site should be in the credits with web address on the cover. The same applies to software, apps and games.

TV and radio, documentaries, news, etc.


Barbershop Punk
Movie ()

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Apple embeds your account info in DRM-free music

Apple embeds your account information in all songs sold on the store, not just DRM-free songs," says Ars Technica. "Previously it wasn't much of a big deal, since no one could imagine users sharing encrypted, DRMed content. But now that DRM-free music from Apple is on the loose, the hidden data is more significant since it could theoretically be used to trace shared tunes back to the original owner. It must also be kept in mind that this kind of information could be spoofed."
The speculation is that Apple and/or the record labels might want to watch whether buyers share DRM-free music with close friends

Get your music while you can, bye bearshare

Linmewire, Aquistion....
Online file-sharing service BearShare, along with operators Free Peers Inc., is packing it up due to a $30 million settlement with the recording industry. The conditions of the settlement were agreed to by the P2P company to avoid further copyright infringement litigation.
Free Peers also agreed not to set up another unlicensed music services. As a federal judge reviews the settlement for final approval, Free Peers has agreed to sell the BearShare technology rights, domain name and user data to iMesh Inc.
New York-based iMesh shelled out $4

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I do it every week pro bono. There are plenty of benefits, though, including the fact that it often provides me with blog fodder. Such was the case last week when Justin Green and I discussed the GOP's ObamaCare paradox.

Facebook to allows users to share photo albums, perfect for weddings, parties ..  — The Slanted
Sharing photos is a standard practice nowadays, though more and more people are still looking for the best way to do so, while maintaining a sense of security and overall privacy.

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Ahmad Al-Hamily sharing his philosophy on ego-free music
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