Music Unlimited Update: offline viewing for iOS and sharing playlists

July 30, 2013 – 00:00

You wanted it,and then it happened: The offline mode for iOS devices is here!

All of our customers with iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch can now save their favorite songs within the app,so you can watch songs,albums and playlists and listen anytime,anywhere without an Internet connection.And of course there is also the high-quality audio function to use.

It is very easy to download music to listen offline:

  1. Selects a play,a song or an album that you want to download.
  2. Tap on the "Options" (Options) to the right of the album,song or playlist that you want to download.
  3. (Download Album) Choose from the pop-up menu "Download Album" from.
  4. If you have selected the music to be downloaded,tap on the brand new button "menu" (menu) at the top left of the app.Then the "My Downloads" (My Downloads) list is displayed in which you can follow the progress of downloads.
  5. When the songs are finished downloading,the list of artists,albums,songs and playlists will appear immediately in the "My Downloads" tab.You can also listen to them online or offline.
  6. To play songs offline,it represents the "Offline Mode" (offline mode) to "ON" (ON).So you go directly to your download list,where you choose the songs Artists (Artist),album (albums) you can sort out (songs (songs) or playlists (playlists).

Followed these simple steps to enable HQ Audio (HQ Audio)

  1. Tap on the "Menu" button and select the (Settings) option "Settings".
  2. Select "ON" (ON) when "High Quality Audio Streaming HQ" (high quality streaming with audio playback) appears.Music Unlimited image
  3. If HQ Audio is enabled,the "HQ" icon is displayed while playing a song right next to the title information.

Share playlists
Towards the end of the month we also publish the sharing of playlists online,so you your Music Unlimited playlists can share via Facebook,Twitter or e-mail with friends.

Simply create a playlist,click "Like" "Copy URL" (Facebook),"Tweet" (Twitter) or (E-mail),and already you can get your favorite songs to share with everyone.When the recipient clicks on the link the shared playlist,he can listen to the songs contained therein,if he has a Music Unlimited subscription.It can even save a copy of your playlist in its own library. All those who do not have Music Unlimited subscription,you can watch the entire playlist and listen to 30 seconds of each song.

And while you're at it,share your best playlists with your friends,it also reminds the same mind that it the one-year premium subscription of Music Unlimited now available for half the normal price!


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Here are 2 radical defenses.

Look they dont want you to share multiple i mean hundreds of files....
ISP's monitor...or should i say count bytes downloaded and up loaded, most ISPs you can acess your own account and get that info as well...its not private.
But to discourage sharing files this is why they call it ADSL, for asymetrical DSL, which means it up loads far slower then it can download., and if you wanted fast up loads you could buy a commercial DSL account SDSL for Symetrcial DSL $99-299 or more a month or more and get all the up load speed you need.....
So that leaves with 2 alternatives:

Try One True Media - REALLY easy

If you haven't already taken care of this you could do the following:
- send tape to One True Media
- they digitize and send back the original + fully digitized copy
- they clip out highlights and put them in an online account for you
- you log in, go to that clip collection, upload anything else you want (like photos and music) and create a montage from the collection
- you then edit the montage, i.e. rearrange the clips, change transitions, effects, and sound levels
- then preview your montage
- if you don't like something, rearrange it and re-preview *on the fly*
- then share online or order a dvd copy
I'm biased b/c I work there but I have used it myself and think it's pretty easy - no software to download

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