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MEGA: how to use it and download files, movies and music

May 14, 2023 – 03:39 am

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MEGA is a service of cloud storage and file sharing made ​​by Kim Dotcom, the founder of MegaUpload and MegaVideo. It was born as successor to MegaUpload, on 19 January 2012 was overshadowed by the U.S. Department of Justice, but differs from the latter in several respects. First, it is structured as a hard drive online, à la Dropbox, which lets you store up to 50GB of data for free (there are also plans to pay for more space). Second, is a technology-based encryption codes called "keys" (keys) that should make it impossible to trace the data.

With the guidance of today, we will discover a closer MEGA, how to use and download files, movies and music from it. The site is accessible from any computer and is compatible with all major web browsers, but in order to exploit the full potential is officially recommended the use of Google Chrome. So, what do you say? Do you feel you begin? I bet you'll learn to use this service in a much easier and faster than you can imagine!


Let's start this guide on how to use the MEGA file uploading. To upload a file of MEGA, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the service and set the Italian language on the site, clicking on the button Inglese (located in the upper right corner) and selecting Italian menu that appears.

At this point, click on the red button MEGA located at the center of the screen and select the file (or files) to be loaded. You may want to upload files of any type and size. The only limitation is that you can not exceed a total of 50GB of data stored on your hard drive online, we will deal with in a little '.

On the page that opens, you then click Agree to accept the terms of use of MEGA and wait for the progress bar on the upload of the file you selected gets to 100%. At the end of the operation, the name of the uploaded file will appear online in the middle of the page of the MEGA (File Manager).

To share a link to a file that is uploaded on MEGA, all you have to do is click with the right mouse button on the name of the latter and select Get link from the menu that appears. In the box that opens, you can choose whether to share your links including "key" to access this or if only share the link to the file and provide the code "key" separately.


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You can't use p2p to download programs.
Too many evil little kiddie hackers out there.
Riaa is working with the ISPs to shut down music sharing.
The movie people are going after some of the new release movie sharers.
Some people use "peer guardian" from what i've heard.
Use at your own risk.

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