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May 9, 2023 – 03:22 am

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Carlos Cruz, editor PortalProgramas

By Carlos Cruz on Musi

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Musi is an application to stream music with which many had dreamed of. YouTube, the most popular website for sharing videos, contains so many music videos direct individual songs and even albums, which is practically impossible not to find the song you want to hear. Musi takes this huge collection of music that YouTube offers to get you a online music player capable of playing streaming all the music you want from YouTube. It is very easy to use, its interface is very intuitive and allows for the most basic tasks with simple gestures. Musi has an integrated search engine with which you can search for any song by title, by author name, by keyword, etc.. When you find the song you are looking for you can easily add it to the main playlist, and adding as many songs as you want to play every time.

You can also create different custom playlists to include in each other songs from YouTube and play comfortably in order, allowing or not repetition, or to listen to shuffle no particular order. As put to play a playlist, the tracks will sound one after another without also play video, and will play in the background while your iOS device stays locked.

Musi uses your Internet connection 3G or WiFi network to serve all streaming audio content from YouTube, bringing streaming quality will depend on your connection. The music quality is also variable, since not all the music from YouTube is come up with the same quality, but usually easy to find a video with the track you want to hear directly taken from her album and in good quality.

You can find more music on Musi exploring the most popular music menu, keeping an eye on the songs that people are listening now, or letting you do Musi personalized recommendations. You can like us on your favorite songs, share them on social networks or email. On the other hand, you have the option to share your playlists with other users of Mushi and show your musical tastes with friends both with other music lovers around the world.

It should be noted, finally, that Musi allows you to upload your entire music library and playlists to the cloud so you can access all your songs easily from any device. It also integrates seamlessly with AirCloud and, if available, provides a link to each song to purchase go to iTunes.


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I for the most part realize that burning mp3s for free carries with it the lower quality (sometimes) and different "volume" of certain songs, and even cutoffs a minute early every once in awhile.
But can anyone explain what those chirps are? I get it every once in awhile, probably a bad file, or just a point in the download, where the user had to reset or whatever.
I also just started to grab a lot of album wraps, especially like Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, just because the overall quality is the same, and it's an easy download and burn (1 track). Anybody else do this? Any fr

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  • 9. Access a very efficiently maintained history of Downloads.
  • 10. Use Opera mini in integration if you wish to save data.
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