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Download free music iPhone / iPad App 2.5 free download free English.The "Free Music Download" app promises free to download to your iPhone or iPad music and audio books. Download free music iPhone / iPad App First impression:

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The "Free Music Download" app promises free to download to your iPhone or iPad music and audio books.Photo gallery: Free Music Download - How the Songs shop

This app is unfortunately no longer available for download. In the main menu of the app some links are provided to sites where you can search for music to load them touch or iPad via "Free Music Download" on the iPhone,the iPod.

Have you found a track,it can be stored on the built-in download manager in the player's own app.There you can only have ten songs simultaneously in the Lite version of the app,however.In the normal music player,the songs are not called,so you can play the tracks open only in the app.Download free music iPhone / iPad App

If you like the sites offered not suffice,Live Music Archive, and,you can visit your own download portals in built-in browser.Whether this can work then the app will not guarantee,often also occur in the optimized links or errors.

Legally,the app is legal as long as you do not download the music from illegal portals.Find out. Therefore best before downloading the appropriate site

Conclusion: "Free Music Download" promises more than it will ultimately holds. Too bad that this has apparently denied Apple's quality control.

Note: This application requires iOS 4.3 or higher.About the download button you will be directly to iTunes forwarded,which is a prerequisite for installation.

Photo gallery: Free Music Download - How the Songs shop

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