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May 27, 2023 – 04:15 am

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MP3 cut without detours

As the name suggests, is the program "mp3DirectCut" an expert in the field of audio section. The software cut audio files according to the wishes of the user, removes unwanted parts or controls the volume of the track.

The software can

Nobody is Perfect. Even so, some MP3 file is not infallible. There is plenty of case examples of inadequate MP3s that can drive you crazy. As would be the eternal silence at the beginning of a musical piece that robs one's patience or unwanted parts in the middle of the songs, which can startle. The program "mp3DirectCut" provides a powerful first-aid kit full of helpful tools for cutting a MP3 to simply cut away smaller problem areas.


Most programs convert the audio section, the MP3 format into WAV files in order to return them after processing in the MP3 format. The multiple file conversion means above all quality. A special feature of the software "mp3DirectCut" is that audio files can be cut directly in the program, without having to be decoded before need.

The cutting is necessary, for example, if a large music file comprises a plurality of tracks which can be easily separated with the program and stored separately. Also targeted sections of the music file is possible using the software as well as the freeing of a song from the noise at the beginning or end of the music tracks. It is also conceivable to divide large music files for mail delivery with the program. If a title in advance is too loud, the volume can be adjusted in the program. Wave makes a practical view of the position of the breaks visible.

New mp3DirectCut 2.19 (Windows)

It was resolved in the context of files that are larger than 2 GB, a problem.

This means the global network of editors mp3DirectCut

The program "mp3DirectCut" is a small and very effective tool of the audio section. Thanks to the intuitive software interface to audio files can be edited on the fly according to your wishes.


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Ten mp3 files to send as e-mail. One per email?

A good rule of thumb is to just handle it file by file.
Most people now have some sort of high speed internet. If your friend you are sending these files to, then try to send emails 10 MB in size at a time. An MP3 is typically around 3-4 MB (of course, it can be much more) so 2 or three per email would do it.
I would suggest an alternate means of sharing. There are tons of ways to share files now, yousendit will let you upload a file (all the music zipped, for instance) to them, then they notify your friend and send them a link to download your file.
There are free services from tons of websites

That's just the difference

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I guess it's like the way some people read the ingredients in all the food they eat, even at restaurants. I have heard people discussing the ingredients in a Big Mac at McDonald's. I mean REALLY? It's processed stuff and salt.
I'm that way about EULA's and TOS.
If I didn't know the TOS of a web host, and suddenly found my site shut down because I had MP3's available for download, it would be a pretty poor excuse to say "But I didn't KNOW I couldn't share this copyrighted music. After all, I downloaded it for free from some other web site

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