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May 9, 2023 – 03:24 am

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Comments (2) Long ago, on the internet, Napster software was the most famous P2P (peer-to-peer or peer to peer) network. helped spread our distribution known as MP3s, today internet is unstoppable.

As everyone knows, the party did not last long, thanks to Metallica and the RIAA (association of the recorders in the U.S.), Napster was arrested, a company bought it and then ended up disappearing.

And your users? Towards where they migrated? They began to use programs? Who carries the flag of P2P today?

Napster heirs today are:


Unlike other programs, those using BitTorrent transfer protocol need not necessarily a network. This is due to the fact that for a transfer, the only thing you should do is create a "torrent" with information about the file to send and computer coordinates.

Becausethe ease of distribution provided by the BitTorrent protocol, other websites were created in order to facilitate the exchange of files

Download BitTorrent >>


The lemon exchange program stands out for its unique features in this type of program. T he first is the small number of files damaged or contain a virus embedded in the dumps, what Limewire gives the title of one of the exchange programs safer today.

The program is very lightweight and simple to use, no complicated setup, showing only a small guide with some questions on your first run. The interface is light and displays your options well distributed, without the user life difficult.

Simply choose the type of file to search and your name or a keyword related to it, to immediately start a search. Most reliable results are displayed quickly on screen, allowing download at any time. There is a paid version of the program, including better outcomes and free for downloads.

Download LimeWire >>


Inspired eDonkey, the application was developed including the best of his inspiration and trying to improve their shortcomings and problems. Emule The big difference regarding their gender programs is the amount of results returned in their searches.

large number of results in their searches is due to the fact that can be connected freely Emule tens of exchange networks, For this reason, users are always looking for little files prefer to Emulate common.

Its interface is very simple to use, without causing any trouble finding its main tools. The only problem with the application is the need to have advanced knowledge in the port settings on the modem to resolve any problems connecting to the servers.

Emule Special All >>

Ares Galaxy

Although it is the newest of the applications already mentioned, Ares is not less than any programs for the category. Is a very light and find lots of music and video files, as well as having a good download speed.

One of the differences is the presence of a complete media player embedded in the program. This lets you watch videos or listen to music downloaded even before the download finished. With this feature, deceptive downloads can be avoided.

Download Ares Free >>


Shareaza is one of the file sharing programs most famous today. Through Shareaza can download the files you want, such as music, videos, photos, ebooks, etc.. One of the strengths of the program is that it uses the power of different P2P networks so you can enjoy a good speed to download your files, without the need to wait several hours to download a movie.


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