Sites to upload your music freely (free musician tips I)

May 19, 2023 – 04:00 am

Sites to upload your music freely (free musician tips I)

Most typically up discs to file hosting websites such as Mediafire or Megaupload. However, there are several websites that provide much more complete characteristics when it comes to sharing free music and free. These allow from downloading and listening to all online issues (from the web) to the possibility of being paid by donations and purchases of licenses, in addition to put a Creative Commons license quickly and easily.

In this post I will discuss some of the major sites of this type, discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Perhaps the biggest free music community so far, but have some problems in it. There shared music under Creative Commons licenses and can be downloaded for free in MP3 and OGG (climbs on Jamendo WAV or FLAC and converts it automatically), but for OGG to do some tricks .

Some advantages are the large number of users and reviews that are left, in addition to all the music is free and free rise, and also the comfort to listen online. And some of the drawbacks are the limited choice of formats and quality for downloading music.

A really great server that hosts free music besides books, documentaries and even free movies. All material posted here is under Creative Commons and can be downloaded for free in the formats that the author shares. It is often used especially by netlabels ("labels" free online).

Some advantages are the wide variety of content and formats to share, plus the convenience to download (single click). And the main drawback is that the interface to share material is very intuitive (as they say).


In this case it is not exclusively a music website free, it also has the possibility of choosing Copyright and license and put a price on the discs. But fortunately many also use it to share your music freely and which can be downloaded in a variety of formats, from MP3 to OGG FLAC through.

The best is undoubtedly the variety of download formats, which even allows CD-quality download (FLAC), and customizing the profile page and group / musician. And the worst (for listeners) is not exposed all the music is free and free, and has no community.


Like Bandcamp not all there is free music and free. But it also has other interesting features as well as the original system of reviews which allows comment on the exact positions of the subjects.


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