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May 12, 2023 – 03:34 am

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The Zpoc is a program for sharing files, preferably music.

The program is a Zpoc p2p , ie, a program like so many others to share files such as Kazaa or Emule , for example. The program is used for various types of files shared among users, but the most common is the exchange of songs in MP3 .

The differential Zpoc to others sharing programs is that it is the essence of Christian because their creators and operators are all evangelicals . Therefore, the program became a stronghold for exchanging music gospel (Gospel) by people worldwide.

However, despite sharing MP3 music, the Zpoc says: "If you're here to download free music, this program is not for you. The artists and bands work hard all year and need our support to continue with the ministry that fits them. Use Zpoc to meet new bands and share them, but buy the CD and help our brothers in the ministry. "

Many people, through ignorance of the law or of sheer convenience, think that downloading music illegally is not a crime, since it is not selling music. Others think that only piracy when they download a song to market. This is not true. In the U.S. many people have been prosecuted for downloading music and movies, and this has been done in the process of stepping up the fight against piracy.

But what users Zpoc claim is that although the program is file sharing, one of his greatest strengths is the interaction between people. The Zpoc now has over 10, 000 registered users, mostly Brazilians!

But anyway, the Zpoc states that if any band or singer you want to remove your music from Zpoc, just get in touch with them, they will in a matter of hours take down all the songs by that artist. This happened with the band Pillar , who asked that his songs were no longer shared, and it was done - your files are no longer shared in the program.

The Zpoc is divided into rooms for better organization and communication of the users. The room Cyber ​​Café Brazil is one of the oldest and most significant rooms of Zpoc. The community room has been engaged in this work for non-disappearance of Zpoc when a few months ago some rooms of the program began to close. The room Cyber ​​Café Brazil, together with its users and caregivers tried to put a list of rooms to run and maintain a website started Brazilian Zpoc: [1] , where people could get the latest version of the program in Portuguese and still have access to the program, which is growing increasingly.

The Cyber ​​Café Brazil is not the only room in the Brazilian known Zpoc, may also be cited Hillsong UK, which unites Brazilians and foreigners, Pueblo de Dios, room fans and adoration of Jesus, etc..

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