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May 15, 2023 – 03:40 am

Internet has changed our viewing habits. The subscription is spreading ...

Stereomood (Android, Web): According to your mood

Listen to songs according to your mood: it is the good idea of ​​Italian site Stereomood (of mood, mood in English). Whether dark or light, energetic or melancholic, dreamy or upset, it does enough to click on one of these labels, or another tag (keyword), or through the search tool, to trigger the radio for you. Note that everything is done in the language of Shakespeare. If you create an account, it becomes possible to
save a song in the library, place it in a playlist, and of course, share them on social networks. You can also banish if you do not wish to cross. But for the purchase, you will be redirected to Amazon or iTunes. Note that there exists a - unofficial - on Android, called Mood Radio, which allows to find the site and its categories on a smartphone, but in this case, without the possibility to use his account.

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Qobuz (IOS, Android, Web): Playing high definition

This music store French line setting lossless formats due to compression, and offers the download titles to formats such as WMA Lossless, Flac and Alac. The site also offers a monthly subscription fee (29 €) to stream unlimited music streaming on the computer (with CD quality Qobuz Player), online or on your smartphone (Android and iOS).

PRICE: From 10 to 17.50 € per album, from 7 to 29 € for streaming subscription.

Discover the top 5 apps you acclaimed!

Deezer Deezer (Android, iOS, WP7, BlackBerry): the jukebox

With Deezer Premium +, your mobile becomes a huge jukebox can play millions of songs. There is no advertising or time limit. To play a song in CD quality, a 3G connection only. You can create your playlists and you build your perfect personal nightclub. You can even listen to his favorite albums and playlists without an Internet connection. Just click on the Offline Mode button below the playlist. Warning, these pieces disappear if you unsubscribe. Deezer catalog contains more titles than Fnac store, with over 18 million shares. However, some big stars are missing. Deezer offers two interesting bonus features to always discover more music: smartradio is a radio that fits your tastes while sharing music on Facebook to discover the playlists of your friends. Deezer Premium + is included in some high-end packages. But the service is still often a paid option (10 € per month).

PRICE: Free (with Deezer Premium subscription)

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